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Rope-hauled systems are the ideal solution to transport materials and equipment in difficult conditions, e.g. when needing to fly over valleys, rivers, wetlands or protected areas, in order to minimize the distance between loading and unloading points or to transport concrete or machinery to a valley for the construction of dams or viaducts.

Agudio solutions are completely automated, highly reliable and safe, with a low environmental impact. These systems can transport big quantities of material for long distances without building new roads or other infrastructures, typically required for traditional land transport systems (trucks or conveyor belts).

Agudio can offer a wide range of products specifically devised for material transportation: Flyingbelt, cable cranes, ropeways and specially tailored installations.



The most cost-effective permanent system for material transportation.



A patented transport system on ropes with conveyor belt, the ideal solution for mines and cement factories.

Cable cranes

Cable cranes

Technology and performance to manage complex construction sites.

Special installations

Special installations

Tailored solutions to facilitate access to sites difficult to reach.

Innovation and sustainability at the highest levels

Choosing an Agudio transport system means benefiting from a wide range of advantages, both in the short and long term:


The design of Agudio material transportation systems combines over 150 years of expertise in this sector with the investments in R&D for the creation of innovative transport systems like the Flyingbelt.

Low energy consumption

Rope-hauled systems for material transportation can carry materials for long distances efficiently, exclusively by means of electric motors. Energy consumption (or generation) only depends on the system features and type (one or two-way), but anyway it is lower than road haulage systems.

Low CO2 emissions

Rope-hauled systems for material transportation do not generate CO2 directly as these systems are powered by highly efficient electric motors whose CO2 equivalent emissions are lower than the transport systems using directly fossil fuels, with savings up to 90%.

Low maintenance costs

The maintenance costs of a rope-hauled system for material transportation designed by Agudio are extremely low due to the use of standard components, but very reliable and of high quality, as well as programmed maintenance plans which can be carried out directly by the system operating personnel.

High level of automation

Rope-hauled systems for material transportation are designed with a high level of automation to ensure the constant system control and operation and to synchronize the material loading and unloading systems with the line speed.

Long system working life

Rope-hauled systems for material transportation are designed according to the most advanced guidelines and the expertise gained by Agudio in over 150 years of design, construction and maintenance of such systems which, nowadays, can reach up to over 40 years of working life thanks to the suitable programmed maintenance plans.

Safe and reliable systems

As a result of the high automation level and the component quality, rope-hauled systems for material transportation can ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability, thus offering a top performance and minimizing material transport specific costs.

Low dispersion of dust particles

Rope-hauled systems for material transportation can be designed with specific dust particle containment systems according to the type of transported material, in order to minimize dust dispersion in the air during loading and unloading operations, as well as along the line.

System operation regardless of weather conditions

Rope-hauled systems for material transportation are designed according to the experience gained in the design of systems for the transport of people in the mountains, and therefore subject to difficult weather conditions in terms of temperature and wind, for this reason their safe operation is guaranteed also in unfavourable weather conditions.

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