The Group

Passion for excellence

The strength of a company consists in anticipating times, in predicting the market evolution before and better than the others, in taking care of one’s own Customers when addressing more and more complex and global challenges with confidence.

For all these reasons, AGUDIO is part of the High Technology Industries (HTI) Group together with the brands LEITNER and POMA (Rope-hauled transportation systems), PRINOTH (snowgroomers and tracked utility vehicles), DEMACLENKO (snowmaking systems) and LEITWIND (wind turbines). Over 70 affiliates and 131 sales and service points all over the world, more than 3,800 employees and an annual turnover in 2019 amounting to 1,05 billion euro.



Leitner S.p.A.

Via Tommaso Agudio, 8 – 10040
Leini (Torino) - Italy
Phone: +39.011.0721200 – Fax: +39.011.9981356