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Passion and design

In the world of rope-hauled transport systems, few projects can be replicated because different material and working conditions require customized design and construction solutions.

In the Turin-based technical and operative headquarters, a team of engineers and assembly specialists work for the development of unconventional rope-hauled transport systems: ropeways, Flyingbelt, cable cranes, cableways and funicular hybrid systems for people and material transportation.

Today as yesterday Agudio, brand of Leitner, stands for reliability, sustainability and innovation. A brand, a name, a passion shared by all the engineers that have been working in Agudio for its 150 years of history and have developed patents and inventions regularly applied both to revamp existing systems and to implement new solutions.

As a result of the several projects successfully implemented, Agudio is considered a leading brand in the design and construction of ropeways and Flyingbelt for material transportation in difficult environmental conditions, the most cost-effective solution to reduce distances, overcome obstacles such as valleys and rivers, or fly over forests and protected areas with almost no environmental impact.

Agudio cable cranes have always been the most reliable and high-performing systems for the construction of dams and viaducts in poorly accessible areas, thus ensuring the optimal site management, with considerable advantages in terms of implementation costs and timing.

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