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Since 1861 ropes have been our job and passion. We have recently invested a lot in human and technical resources and specific tools for cable stringing and maintenance. Our current erection department is a well-organized structure, with great expertise in cable stringing and related works, such as periodical sliding and splicing operations, cast sockets etc. We can meet all your needs concerning ropeways as a result of our experience in drafting quotations, providing technical advice and assistance. In addition to the laying of new ropes in our recent installations - approx. 30 km on cablecranes - we have been subcontracted for the following jobs:

  • Ropeway “Pic de Bure”: 4 track ropes (D 42 mm – 3800 m in length) with safety hauling and safety ring.
  • Leitner S.p.A.: installation of the carrying-hauling ropes for TC8 and Telemix 6/8 in Qafqaz - Azerbaijan, D 42 and 44 mm.
  • Leitner S.p.A.: sliding of 3S Bolzano - Renon track ropes, 4 D 47 mm ropes contemporarily made sliding in pairs without removing the slack carriers.

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